Hi! My name is Jaylyn and I’m a full time, full spectrum Yoga Mentor. My passion and purpose is primarily in women’s work: guiding women to connect with their innate bodily wisdom, and to re-learn how to truly nourish and flourish through all seasons of life with the healing modalities of yoga.

One of the biggest ways yoga has transformed my own life has been in reminding me that I belong to a greater whole, as a unique expression of nature and universe. It brings me great joy to share this remembrance and connection with others! 

Yoga first found me during a time of great struggle in my teens. My personal practice has continually adapted and evolved ever since, but has always been there as a tool for me to trust and lean into when I’ve needed to resource myself, and as a way to celebrate and find inspiration through life’s ebbs and flows. 

I’ve studied and trained in many methods including Hatha, Jivamukti, Trauma Sensitive Yoga + more, but a few have really taken root in my heart as a teacher: Yin (the practice of deep release & energetic nourishment through passive postures), Nada (incorporating sound and song as medicine), Yoga Nidra (the practice of deep rest as medicine) and women’s yoga therapy.

I also work 1:1 with women to reconnect with the wisdom of their menstrual cycle, as well as through the journey from conception to pregnancy and post-partum healing. You could say I’m a wild yogini in service to the Feminine! And I’m so honoured & excited to be here at Balance to serve you.