Myofascial Release

Before we can understand myofascial release, we need to know a little bit about fascia (FA-sha). Fascia is a type of connective tissue that exists in a continuous state throughout the entire body. It is a three-dimensional, supportive, intelligent structure that, quite literally, holds us together.  

Fascia is made up mostly of collagen — an abundant protein that is incredibly strong and resilient, yet still allows for movement and stretching. There are different layers of fascia in the body: superficial fascia exists right under the skin, like a continuous, uninterrupted  body suit from head to toe; myofascia surrounds and encases every layer of our muscles, from the outer layer of the muscle belly to each individual muscle fibre; and, deep fascia surrounds and supports our visceral organs.

Fascial restrictions can impede proper cellular metabolism, respiration, nutrition, elimination, fluid and lymphatic flow. Fascia…can influence the immune system. In other words, fascial restrictions can create the environment for pain, dysfunction, disease and necrosis!  

— John F. Barnes, PT

Myofascial release works on the fascia of the muscles, and surrounding areas. Healthy fascia is pliable and able to glide and move as we move. Sometimes, however, the fascial layers can get “gummed up” or stuck together, inhibiting their ability to glide past one another as we move. This can restrict range of motion, create tension, and can even cause pain. 

Tightness or restriction in one area of the body can pull us out of alignment, creating imbalances. We can also feel pain in trigger point areas, or referred pain from the affected trigger points.

In our Myofascial Release workshops, we use self-MFR tools such as MFR balls, blocks and rollers, to investigate specific areas of the body for tension and/or adhesions, while incorporating yoga postures and sequences to connect with and identify relief in these areas.

We also offer one-on-one therapeutic yoga sessions using MFR, as well as yoga, breath work and mindfulness techniques for your wellness plan.

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