200-Hour Teacher Training


Our goal at Balance Yoga is to graduate the most highly skilled, knowledgeable and confident yoga teachers from our program.  As such, our teacher trainings are designed to give the yoga teacher aspirant a comprehensive and profound educational experience. Trainings are presented in Modules, so that each unit of study can be fully explored and digested before progressing to the next area of study.

Our school has its roots in the classical wisdom of Hatha Yoga as taught by our teachers in India and Nepal. Our trainings also  incorporate the innovative aspects
of contemporary Eastern and Western teachers, as well as up-to-date research into the effects of yoga, meditation and pranayama on the body and mind.

2022 Modules

Module 1: 
Yoga Humanities

Wednesdays and Saturdays in August

Wed. 3/10/17/24, 6:30 – 8:30 PM

Sat. 6/13/20/27, 12 – 3 PM


Cost: $585 + HST

$100 deposit due July 15


This 30-hour training Module is focussed on the History, Philosophy and Ethics of Yoga, as outlined by the Yoga Alliance 200-hour YTT Standards. It is available to all levels of practitioners, aspiring yoga teachers and current teachers.  

In this Module, you will:

  • Explore the yogic roots and spiritual approaches that have evolved from these three major cultural traditions: Hindu, Buddhist and Jaina Yoga;
  • Study the philosophical discoveries of the sages from traditional texts and the ideas of contemporary schools, for a clearer understanding of how Yoga has been experienced throughout the centuries;
  • Expand your knowledge on the 6 branches of Yoga (Bhakti, Hatha, Jana, Karma, Raja and Tantra) and how each path offers different methods to appeal to each individual;
  • Engage more deeply with the moral disciplines of Yoga for your own personal growth and transformation;
  • Take these ethics beyond how we currently define our Yoga practice and apply them to our present habits and perspectives to bring more harmony, compassion and balance into our lives for the benefit of our community, global family, Earth and environment;
  • And, delve into the spiritual dimension of Yoga through meditation, theory and physical practice so that we may uplift ourselves and one another with determination and inclusiveness on our individual paths.
Upon completion of this training, you will receive a certificate from Balance Yoga and Wellness RYS that can be used towards a 200-hr YTT Certification through Balance Yoga.

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