In this 30-minute meditation class, we will have a brief discussion on a weekly theme, meditation tradition, or meditation technique, followed by a 20-minute group meditation pract

This gentle, all-levels class is a blend of slow, intentional movement (Yang), and still, longer held postures (Yin) — both integrating yogic breathing techniques (Pranayama). Mo

In this Hatha-inspired Therapeutic yoga class we will focus on strengthening the body and mind, with a view to the nervous system and its role in the body’s natural relaxation re

Yin is a yoga style steeped in stillness. It provides an essential balance to the more Yang movement-based practices such as Hatha and Vinyasa. Some might describe Yin as deep stre

A slow, strong class, this all-levels practice will have you move through a fluid sequence with longer holds in postures. Expect standing and/or arm balances. This class is the per